Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Current WebAndNet.com opportunities

The major ones are listed on www.WebAndNet.com.

Below are additional ones--ones that WebAndNet has examined and saw an opportunity:

collections for attorneys
IRS settlements
Election campaign devices
used industrial products
apartments marketing
email signatures
storage locations
office furniture
steel distribution

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009


www.WebBIZcard.com is a method of URL parts to identify an individual and to use that URL to participate in social networks, eCommerce, and contacts management communities. WebBIZcard.com is new to the world, so please contact info1@webandnet.com, if you would like to learn more. www.WebBIZcard.com and www.WebAndNet.com.

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What is WebBIZopportunity.com?

WebBIZopportunity.com is a blog from www.WebAndNet.com, that describes some of the business opportunities WebAndNet offers. Many of these are vaguely described because of intellectual property protection and marketing reasons. Please visit www.WebAndNet.com to learn more about us.